Style: Prisma-like photo editing app for macOS & Windows


Prisma’s unique filters are now available on macOS and Windows, albeit in the form of a similar, third-party app.


Prisma took social media by storm when it released a couple months ago. It was the most unique photo-editing app to be released in the longest time. The app used artificial intelligence algorithms to give your photos a truly artistic look which, at the time, no other app could reproduce.

Nowaday, Prisma isn’t as hot. The initial novelty has worn off for most people, who left Prisma after either being a) bored with it or b) annoyed by its slow nature. Prisma’s devs fixed the latter in a recent update by allowing filters to be applied locally without any Internet connection, but this never became mainstream knowledge.

As of typing, Prisma is available on two platforms: iOS and Android. While this covers the vast majority of mobile users, desktop users are left out cold. For a cloud service like Prisma, one would imagine it would be rather easy for them to launch a web app. Because they never did so, it has left a decent-sized void for other developers to fill.

This is where Style comes in.

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Prisma-like app for desktop


Style allows you to apply filters to photos and videos just like the Prisma app. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms which are unlike your standard Instagram filters, as they study each image and apply a filter based on its unique contents.

Style works exactly like Prisma, in theory. However, we felt the output was a little… off. I am not sure how to explain it except that putting the same image through Prisma would give more pleasing results than Style would. Style also doesn’t have the same classy look and feel as the Prisma app.

These are understandable points, however. Prisma is a mainstream product from a popular startup whereas Style has been released by an indie developer. When you take Style on its own, and understand the fact that its core works well – applying funky filters to your otherwise bland photos. Besides, it is totally free*! Difficult to complain with free apps.

Style is available for both macOS and Windows. You can download it from the official website today.

*There’s a $19.99 in-app purchase if you want to remove the water-mark. That’s fair.