Lock Your Netflix Profile With A PIN Code


A single Netflix account is usually shared by a bunch of people. Here’s how to lock your Netflix profile using a PIN code, to keep it away from others.

Have you ever wanted to protect your account and prevent third parties from accessing them in the event that they do? It’s entirely possible to put a PIN code on all your content, that shows up before you start watching. This boosts your account security and allows you to ensure others are unable to watch your content, and muck up your recommendations and profile. Thankfully, Netflix parental controls limits viewership from any age to R21.

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Here is how you can setup a PIN on your Netflix account:

STEP 1: Go to your account settings from the top right corner by clicking Your Account and navigate to to Parental Controls.

How to access account settings.

STEP 2: It will then prompt you to enter your password. Proceed to do so.

Enter your password.

STEP 3: From here you can set your PIN and the age restriction for your content, by dragging the cursor you can set what age restriction you want. Dragging it to older kids will allow content only for contents PG and 7+ to be watched without a PIN.

Setting the bar according to your settings.

If you want a PIN on everything, drag it all the way to the end. This restricts nearly all content except the shows for little kids to be restricted by a PIN. This is what one can use to ensure no one else uses your profile.

Setting the restrictions to affect anything above G.

Now you have successfully added a PIN to all your content! In the event that your account is compromised, individuals cannot access your content without a PIN.  Unless they know what your password is, they cannot change this either.

Here is a sample of this concept in action, when we set the bar to toggle at Little Kids and up. Richie Rich has a ALL rating on the Netflix site, and you can see that we can’t access it on our profile without a PIN code.


Netflix understands your account security and you will be notified if there are any changes on your account. This also means that sensitive details such as your credit card info is completely censored.

If you wish to turn off the setting, simply take your slider to the end of the bar and click on Save.

How to turn off the PIN

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Aside from your account security, you can set age restrictions for your content if you share this account with other members.  Assuming you have children, you can prevent that from accessing content that they should not be watching.

If you are using the 2-screen or 4-screen plan, setting the PIN can also prevent your content playing from being abused. Every time your content is opened on multiple screens – be it the recommended Windows 10 app or Edge browser –  it will require you to enter your PIN to play any movie or TV show.