Samsung Galaxy S5 screen tech picked apart, revealing notable improvements over its predecessor


Samsung Galaxy S5

Brightness, viewing angles and color accuracy are record-setting, but power drain hasn’t increased

Although it’s easy to think that the Samsung Galaxy S5 simply has the same AMOLED display as the S4 with a slightly larger footprint, it turns out Samsung has cranked up the quality of the display in the last year as well. According to tests from the folks at DisplayMate, the Galaxy S5’s display outperformed it in many regards, even setting records in some categories, and ended up being the best-performing display that they had ever tested.

Brightness, screen reflectivity, performance in ambient light, color accuracy, viewing angles and power efficiency have all improved in the fifth iteration of the Galaxy S. Screen brightness is a full 22 percent higher than the Galaxy S4 while using the same amount of power, and its Super Dimming Mode offers serious power savings when there’s no need to light the screen completely. It is also the most color-accurate phone or tablet display they have ever tested while in “Cinema Mode,” scoring excellently in both color and white point calibration.

While the size and resolution of the Galaxy S5’s display may not be much to write home about, it turns out we’re all in for a major treat in terms of overall display quality with Samsung’s latest flagship.

Source: DisplayMate