Motorola Motoroi Getting A Lot Of Pre-Orders In South Korea


Looks like Android is catching on fast overseas. The Motorola Motoroi, with its cute bump and all, is expected to reach 50,000 pre-orders by February 4th. That’s the word from SK Telecom, the carrier that will exclusively carry the Motoroi. Color us surprised because well, that’s a lot of units. Consider the fact that South Korea is a relatively small country, that Android is still fairly new there and that companies like LG & Samsung have an iron grip on their home country, those 50,000 pre-orders become even more impressive. For reference, our lovely Nexus One only managed to sell 20,000 units in its first week.

Speaking of the Nexus One, SK Telecom is also reviewing the possibility of carrying the Nexus One in South Korea, so it looks like the Android train will keep on rolling. But it won’t just stop there, SK Telecom is expected to introduce 13 (!) Android smartphones this year. Good times for Android.

Would you be interested in the Motoroi once it hits the States?

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