BB-8 now comes in a battle-damaged Special Edition with Force Band!


It still won’t give you a thumbs up, though.

BB-8 is adorable, fun to play with, and without a doubt one of the most successful Star Wars toys to arrive with The Force Awakens last year. Sphero, the company behind this clever robot ball, promised several updates to BB-8 over time and so far has delivered in big ways. BB-8 will sit with you and watch The Force Awakens now, and holographic projection messaging has improved several times over the last year.

The biggest update to BB-8 is coming in the form of a wristband that will control the bot instead of your phone. It’s being cleverly dubbed Force Band based on how you move your body to control BB-8, and to celebrate its launch Sphero is releasing a battle-damaged special edition of BB-8 with one of these bands in the box.

While you can absolutely buy the BB-8 Force Band without a new robot attached, the updated visuals on the Special Edition reflect BB-8’s journey in The Force Awakens. Spoiler alert, this little robot has seen some shit and his outer shell absolutely reflects this by the end of the movie. If you never got around to picking up a BB-8, this could be the perfect way to get everything in one box. If you already own a BB-8 and can’t help yourself, that’s cool too. No judgement here, just happy little bloops and smiles as this robot rolls on by.

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