Android Ornament t-shirts and hoodies now available for a limited time


Android Ornament t-shirts

Support Android Central, the center of the Android universe with one of these limited edition holiday t-shirts or hoodies in the color of your choice.

Update: One final day, folks! Get to it!

This holiday season we’ve got new swag to share with everyone here at Android Central. These brand-new Android Ornament t-shirts are a limited print run we’re offering through December 3 that features Lloyd, our official mascot on the back. Not only are there high quality tee’s for both men and women up for grabs, we’ve also got long sleeve shirts and heavy hoodies to keep you warm during the winter.

Order your Android Ornament T-Shirt

These shirts are available in an assortment of colors and sizes from S to 5XL, and start at $20. Don’t miss out on this limited edition print and reserve yours today!