Movies with Mikey gets its first Emmy nomination


The popular YouTube show Movies with Mikey has been nominated for an Emmy for the first time. The show’s writer, producer, and editor, Mikey Neumann, made the announcement on Twitter this afternoon.

Movies with Mikey has drawn a wide audience by exploring the best parts of cinema from a film buff’s perspective with a friendly, smart, and always joyful tone. The show has been nominated for Outstanding Informational Series or Special, alongside Adam Ruins Everything, Bill Nye Saves the World, Talking Dead, and several others.

“It’s all still a little bananas for me,” Neumann told The Verge via email. “I don’t really know much more than anyone else about the process. I got a little warning last night and then *boom* it was public. Still a lot of other great shows on the ballot, so at the moment, I’m as shocked as anyone!”

The TV Academy only opened up its Emmys categories to include shortform work last year, which expanded the pool of potential nominees to include YouTube creators. Last March, ScreenJunkies’ Honest Trailers series was nominated for an Emmy in Outstanding Short Form Variety Series. YouTube the platform won an Emmy for its personalized video recommendations in 2013.