Saving battery on AMOLED devices


AMOLED Wallpapers HD is a free application for Android that provides you with specially crafted wallpapers for AMOLED displays.

AMOLED, Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode, is a display technology that uses self-illuminating diodes. This is different from LCD displays, which use a backlight instead.

AMOLED displays are integrated into most Samsung devices, Google devices, as well as devices by manufacturers such as BlackBerry, Motorola and OnePlus.

One advantage that AMOLED devices have is that battery can be saved depending on the colors on the screen. Senk9 published an analysis of the power efficiency of AMOLED devices back in 2015, and concluded that the power consumption of an AMOLED screen displaying black, was less than half of the power consumption of an AMOLED screen displaying white.

This finding has been confirmed in other studies, for instance one on GreenBot in 2014, and Anandtech in 2014.

Black is good in regards to battery savings, as diodes don’t have to light up at all to display black (in contrast to LED displays).

While you can go ahead and set the wallpaper and lockscreen image of an AMOLED device to black, most users probably prefer better looking wallpapers. This is where apps like AMOLED Wallpapers HD come into play, as they provide plenty of those.

AMOLED Wallpapers HD

amoled wallpapers

AMOLED Wallpapers HD is a wallpaper application for Android. It provides you with a large collection of wallpaper images optimized for AMOLED displays.

You will notice that most wallpapers feature lots of black and not a lot of white. Not all wallpapers are designed with battery savings in mind, but picking a predominantly black wallpaper image will have that effect.

The application lists several wallpaper categories that you can filter wallpapers by. This includes, among others editor’s picks, anime and cartoon, nature, videogames, and a special Samsung Galaxy S8 category. Depending on what you select, wallpapers may be more or less on the black side of the color spectrum.

A tap on a wallpaper opens it in a preview. The two options that you have at this point are to download it, and to set it as the wallpaper.

One usability issue that you may encounter on the wallpaper profile page is that there is no clear option to return to the wallpaper listing. You have to tap on the back button of the mobile device to go back.


If you want to save battery on your AMOLED device but don’t want to set the wallpaper and lockscreen to black, you may find candidates that you find more suitable when you run AMOLED Wallpapers HD. Some of the wallpapers are very bright and not designed for power savings however, so keep that in mind when you are selecting one.

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