Caltech University sues Samsung, seeks ‘reasonable royalty’

Galaxy Note20 Ultra S Pen

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has sued Samsung Electronics for infringing their Wi-Fi-related patents, emboldening the university to sue the Korean company after winning a verdict against Apple and Broadcom, awarding them over $1.1 billion in damages.

According to the filing, Caltech is suing Samsung for five patents and is seeking a right to recover from past damages and royalties that Samsung sold during the period.

The infringing Samsung products include almost every product that incorporates Wi-Fi, which means smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, notebooks and even home appliances like refrigerators.

Caltech hasn’t put an exact value of damages but expects Samsung to pay a “reasonable royalty” as compensation for the infringement.

After winning the case against Apple (Apple has filed an appeal), earlier this year Caltech also filed a lawsuit against Microsoft for infringing four Wi-Fi patents.