Enable thumbnail previews in Microsoft Edge tab bar


A new way to view your tabs.

Microsoft announced the Creators Update in late October, the second big ‘Redstone’ update. Creators Update includes a number of new features aimed at creative professionals – imagine 3D features in Paint, and Office, 3D printing, greater pen support, a Groove Music Maker app – along with unrelated nice features like adding people to the taskbar for quick sharing and communication.

Here at Windows Clan, we are fans of the Microsoft Edge browser, so we were most interested in what’s new for that in Creators Update. As it turns out, there are two features: we’ll cover the first one in this post, and the second one later.

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Tab previews in the tab bar

With the Creators Update, you can change how the tab bar looks and works in Microsoft Edge. Besides the usual look where each tab has a website icon, and the website title, you can now quickly enable big thumbnail previews for each tab. It’s a great way to scan your tabs if you have a lot of them open at the same time.

To enable tab previews in Microsoft Edge, you just need to click on the upwards-facing arrow. Clicking on it will expand your tabs, and show a little preview.

Although it won’t work all that well for smaller laptops, people using  display larger than 16″ will perhaps find it to be a great use of their big screen.

Here’s how it looks:


The Tab thumbnail preview mode, along with many other features, will be available as part of the Creators Update when it releases in early 2017. Stay tuned to Windows Clan, as we will we bringing more useful tips and guides to improve your productivity on Windows 10.