How to view iPhone clipboard history


Learn how to view recently copied items in iOS.


As a heavy user of the cut-copy-paste functionality, I use a clipboard management app called Paste on my Mac to keep track of recently copied items, and also easily paste them. It sounds like a tiny use-case, but I know my productivity peaks wouldn’t be as high if I didn’t use it. Paste really makes it easy to copy multiple items, and paste them. It includes a number of other features as well – I particularly like the ability to paste text without formatting. It saves me tens of seconds every few minutes when I’m writing.

So, when it comes to iOS, I am left quite disappointed. As far as I know, there is no powerful, seamless clipboard management app. At best, you have apps that copy items from the clipboard when you either a) launch/activate them after copying an item or b) share an item directly using the Share menu.

It’s difficult to blame the apps or app developers, though. If it were up to them, they would build much more powerful apps. I believe Apple doesn’t allow iOS apps to constantly monitor the system clipboard, as it may perhaps pose a privacy risk.

Now that you understand the limitations of the system, let’s discuss how you can view your recent history of items copied to your iOS clipboard. We can do this with an app called Copied.

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See recently copied items on iOS


Copied is a full-fledged clipboard management app for both iOS and macOS that syncs over iCloud. It’s a bit of a god-send for people who use both a Mac and iOS, as it allows them to quickly get copied items across their main computers.

Once you download the app and start using its widget in the Today section in Notification Center, you have to manually save clipboard items to it to form the history you wish to see. Thankfully, that’s a two-tap process at max. After you copy an item, just open the Notification Center, and tap on the Copied widget. There are two other ways you can do this: either by using the Share menu in other iOS apps, or through Copied’s built-in browser.


Then, when you want to view your clipboard history, just open the main app to see all your recently copied items there.

Copied works well once you understand the workflow. We just wish copying items, viewing clipboard history etc. was as easy as it is on the desktop with apps like Paste.

Download Copied [Official website]