Remove Empty Directories In Mac OS X With This App


If you are a clutter bug and resent the presence of empty folders being scattered around your Finder, a handy free app will help quickly remove empty directories or folders in no time!

Empty folders will always be a problem for users no matter the OS you are on. While you can never quite find all of the empty folders that have now taken up residency in your directories, a free tool on the Mac allows you find and delete all the empty folders on your Mac and allow you to get a little peace of mind!

Whether you intended to or not, empty folders will always be silently present in your system. You might know how or where they came from and you also might argue that you don’t have the time to deal with them since you don’t have the time to go through your entire directory manually.

Find Empty Folders App for Mac

Find Empty Folders interface in Mac

While there are a number of ways to finding and deleting these folders available on Windows and Linux, you can do the same with the help of a free tool on the Mac. The app is aptly named as such, Find Empty Folders for Mac [Official Website].

As the name suggests, the app does precisely what it promises. It will find empty folders in your Windows by looking for the .DS_Store file which means that the current file is currently barren of anything important or otherwise.

The app can search through Finder, local networks and other places where you feel empty folders might be inhabiting precious shelf space on the hard drive. You first need to drag and drop the folder in the app to execute the search.

As such, once you order the app to search for these empty folders you are given the option to either show the empty folders in Finder to make sure you don’t accidentally delete an important folder reported as a false positive, but otherwise if you are sure about the folders, you can send them straight to the trash can, as seen below.

Results of searching for empty folders in Mac OS X

While finding empty folders might not seem important and will have no significant impact on system performance, it is still an effective management technique which allows for people to better manage their systems and the contents present in them.

It is highly recommended you give the program a try and see if you do have any empty folders that are currently taking up space in the system and you can also do this scan once in a blue moon since it is unlikely you will actually make empty folders by mistake, but checking for empty folders once in a few months can’t be that much of a hindrance, right?

System Requirements

If you do wish to run the program, you need to make sure you are running Mac OS 10.6 or higher, which should be fairly common on a majority of Apple systems that are currently out there.

If you have used or plan on using the mentioned app, let us know in the comments section about your thoughts on the app.