Papyrus note-taking app goes 1.0 with PDF import


Papyrus app

Now you can mark up docs easily with an S Pen

Papyrus is a promising note-taking app for Android that we first spotted at the Samsung Developer Conference, and they’ve finally reached the 1.0 milestone.

Papyrus has been enjoying quite a bit of popularity in their beta period, having built up the core functions, but the latest update includes a premium feature for PDF importing. This means you can take documents sent to you by e-mail or elsewhere, and mark it up within the app. You can also export the final product as a PDF if you like.

Papyrus is a pretty slick app. Besides being optimized for active styluses like S Pens, the app is vector-based, meaning anything you write or draw can be scaled up without any loss of quality. Though the core app is free, there are a few of extras, like the new PDF import and a cloud storage feature pack, that are tucked away behind in-app purchases.

My handwriting is horrible, so apps like this usually get a pass from me, but I could see artists getting interested in this kind of thing, provided more brush types get introduced. On iOS, an app called Paper has done a phenomenal job of offering these kinds of functions, but without an Android port, I could see Papyrus laying the claim as the handwriting king of the Play Store. What about you guys? What are your favorite note-taking apps? Do you get enough usage out of your stylus? If you’re thinking of getting Papyrus, check out our demo video below.