We’re At Mobile World Congress, But Where Is Android ?


Our Editor-in-Chief Dieter Bohn is at MWC in Barcelona, Spain gathering all the news he can about new devices, applications, and basically the state of the mobile industry. He’s been doing a wonderful job for our sister site WMExperts but where’s the love for Android? We had expected a HUGE Android turnout at the show but at the moment, the biggest news coming out of MWC is the complete lack of Android Devices–Android is just no where to be found.

We’re quite obviously disappointed because as great as we think the T-Mobile G1 is, the appeal of Android is in its potential–not its current performance. We knew that the bigwigs like Samsung and Motorola weren’t ready to showcase their devices but we expected a heck of a lot more from other companies that could definitely use some of the press. HTC announced all Windows Mobile devices. Nokia is sticking with Symbian. Huawei is just showing off a non-working prototype. And honestly, we’re starting to worry.

Talking to our main man Dieter, he tells us there just isn’t any Android news to report on. After a solid launch of the T-Mobile G1, Android could have gained a ton of momentum with official announcements of upcoming devices. Sadly, the opposite happened. We got nothing. When we were at CES, there was no Android Smartphones announced. And now at Mobile World Congress, one of the bigger shows of the year, it looks like we might walk down that same path again…nothing.

We’re going to keep our fingers crossed and hope that some Android-related news will pop up at MWC but if not, we’ll continue to dig at the absence of Android. Stay tuned!