Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin’s Take on the T-Mobile G1


So you’re Google Founder Sergey Brin and you’re asked what you think of the T-Mobile G1 and Android, what do you say? Well, it’ll probably go something like this:

I’ve been using mine for a few months now as my primary phone and it’s been very, very helpful. It really integrates Google services very nicely on the phone. It has a really great Web browser. I’m able to search and browse through my Gmail just as if I was at my desktop. The G1 is just the first of a number of phones that will hopefully be running Android. You should take note of all the partners we’ve built under the Open Handset Alliance. I’d encourage you all to try it out and if it suits your needs then please by all means get an Android phone.


Obviously it’s a bit slanted, I mean the dude co-founded Google. But the most interesting take that we see is that he stresses that Android integrates Google’s other services really well and keenly mentions the Open Handset Alliance. Android’s game changing feature is its openness, that much we know. But what Sergey sees as Android’s most important feature is its synergy with Google’s Universe. Google is the big sell for an Android device and Android is the best portable extension of Google’s ideals.

Sergey’s take in a nutshell? You like Google, you’ll like Android.