Shared albums make their way to Google Photos


Google has announced that it is starting to roll out shared albums to Google Photos, making it even easier to share your favorite memories with others. The feature, which was previously announced back in September, allows you to send links to albums or images over SMS, email, and other messaging apps and have the receiving party be able to collaborate with you.

Previously, you could share the images, but no one could add to them, just view them. Now, you can share the albums with your family, they can then add their images to the album, and you’ll be notified when new images appear.

Best of all, there’s no setup—select photos, make an album and then send the link off to whomever you’d like. And it works no matter what device your friends and family are using—tablet or laptop, Android or iPhone.

Shared albums will be rolling out on the Android and iOS apps, as well as the web. Be sure to grab the latest version of Google Photos from Google Play now.

Source: Google

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