Footage from Disney’s new Guardians of the Galaxy ride is already on YouTube


Fans have been waiting up to seven hours to ride Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout. But you can enjoy parts of the ride for free right now thanks to a handful of videos uploaded the YouTube.

The new ride, which controversially replaced Tower of Terror in Disney’s California Adventures theme park, opened this weekend. But in recent weeks, some members of the press had a chance to preview the ride, including one person who rode it a whopping 16 times in the course of a day and a half. The queue, pre-show, and ride itself were filmed by YouTube channels SoCal Attractions 360 and Inside the Magic.

Above, you can see a comprehensive walkthrough of the entire experience. To get your head around the ride, I recommend supplementing that video with a handful of reviews and deep-dives into its animatronics. This 4K video focuses on Rocket Raccoon, which rivals Disney’s new Avatar animatronic in terms of production quality.

Also impressive, this humongous Groot costume.

And here, two performers organize a Guardians-inspired dance off with some very confused spectators.