The Eve V is the USB-C Surface Pro that Microsoft won’t make


Microsoft is quite open about its reasons for continually refusing to add USB-C to its line of Surface computers; the company just doesn’t think the multi-functional port is mainstream enough yet. But that doesn’t mean people don’t want it, as Eve-Tech CEO Konstantinos Karatsevidis will tell you. And he should know — his startup’s new convertible computer, the Eve V, had its spec sheet determined by the votes of thousands of crowdfunding backers.

What does the resulting product look like? Well, it’s pretty much a Surface Pro with two USB-C ports. You were saying, Microsoft?

But Microsoft is just fine with the Eve V. In fact, it’s impressed — it’s going to be showing off the product this week in its booth and at its keynote at Computex Taipei, according to Karatsevidis. Intel is another heavy hitter backing the Eve V, having invested a “six-figure” sum in its development. There’s something going on with the Eve V beyond your average Indiegogo vaporware.

Other specs apparently decided upon by committee are a slightly thicker chassis than the Surface Pro to allow for a bigger battery, and Intel Core i5 or i7 Y-series processors — that’s the low-power line that used to be called Core M before Intel confusingly rebranded it. Karatsevidis claims that the Eve V’s cooling system allows the processor to run at top speed for longer, and the selection of chips allowed for a fanless design.