Vava Moov 28 review: Inexpensive, yet impressive wireless headphones



There’s something about using Bluetooth headphones that is liberating — for the simple fact of never have to worry where to place your phone and cord management as you workout.

The only downside to Bluetooth headphones, typically, is the cost. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been testing a pair of Moov 28 wireless headphones, and I have come away rather impressed, especially when I consider the $30 price tag.


(Image: Vava)

There’s nothing special to call out about the Moov 28, but that’s not a bad thing. Black from tip to tip, the Moov 28 headphones aren’t designed to stand out and call attention to what you have in your ears.

Just below the right earbud is where the battery and playback controls are found. Three total buttons make up the controls, with a back, next, and a multifunction button that acts as a play/pause and power button.

A microUSB port is used to charge the battery, which goes from empty to full in around two hours.

On the backside of each earbud is a magnet for connecting the two buds together when not in use. I found this useful when I would need to take the earbuds out and wanted to leave them around my neck. Instead of two dangling earbuds, I would let the two magnets connect and have a makeshift necklace, of sorts.

Included in the box are silicone tips of varying sizes, along with additional fins to aid in finding the perfect fit for your ears. There’s also a clip, which you can use to keep the cord attached to the back of your shirt, as well as a carrying bag and a short charging cable.


(Image: Jason Cipriani/ZDNet)

Sound quality is always a concern when you’re spending $30 on a pair of Bluetooth headphones, and that’s understandable. But that doesn’t mean the Moov 28 headphones sound horrible; far from it. The overall sound quality is on par with what most smartphone makers include in the box with a phone, such as Apple’s EarPods.

That is to say, yes, you will get better sound quality by purchasing more expensive headphones, but the Moov 28 headphones are pleasant to listen to music or podcasts on.

Vava’s website puts the battery life for Moov 28 at eight hours. In my testing, I’ve gone over that estimate using the Moov 28 for music playback and as a microphone during a conference call. This is an area where competing headphones in this price range fall short. I’ve switched between connecting the Moov 28 headphones to my phone and my iMac during that time.

It’s all about value

For $30, you can’t really go wrong with the Moov 28 headphones. The construction feels solid, the sound quality is decent, and battery life is better than expected.

Add in a splash proof rating, and a comfortable fit and you have a winning combination.