Wyze expands smart home lineup with introduction of $89 Wyze Lock


Jason Cipriani

By Jason Cipriani

| December 3, 2019 — 18:49 GMT (18:49 GMT)

| Topic: Internet of Things


Image: Wyze

Wyze on Tuesday announced its latest smart home product, Wyze Lock. The Lock joins Wyze’s lineup of smart light bulbs, security cameras, motion and window/door sensor kits. 

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Like the rest of the company’s product lineup, Wyze Lock is affordably priced and can be controlled through the Wyze mobile app. 

Wyze Lock is available to order through an early access launch in the Wyze app and Wyze.com with a cost of $89.99. Wyze will ship Lock orders after Christmas, with a full launch currently scheduled for February 2020. 


Image: Wyze

Wyze Lock doesn’t replace the deadbolt already installed on your door, but instead just replaces the back of the deadbolt to automate locking and unlocking it. It connects to the internet via the included Wyze Lock Gateway. It’s powered by four AA batteries, which are also included in the box. Wyze estimates battery life for the lock is around 6 months. 

Wyze will also sell a Lock Keypad that can be used to lock and unlock the door using a PIN code. The Lock Keypad isn’t currently available to order but instead will go on sale alongside the full launch of Wyze Lock next year. 

You can order the Wyze Lock right now through the website or Wyze app on your phone to get your hands on it early. Wyze only sells a limited amount of units in its early access programs, so if you’re interested I wouldn’t wait too long.

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Jason Cipriani

By Jason Cipriani

| December 3, 2019 — 18:49 GMT (18:49 GMT)

| Topic: Internet of Things