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A new year will soon be upon us, and no matter what resolutions you plan to make, there are three ways you can make 2022 better. With access to over 1,000 self-paced courses for a lifetime, you could learn skills that could lead to an exciting new career. And with a lifetime of powerful VPN protection, you won’t have to worry about your online privacy or security while you’re taking those classes. Then you can add 12 months of extra fun whenever you take breaks from studying. All of this is included in The PlayStation Plus, VPN Unlimited StackSkills Super Bundle.

If you want to make 2022 the year you upgrade your career path, then you can almost certainly learn the skills you need with lifetime access to StackSkills Unlimited Online Courses. No matter what your level of experience, you will find courses on everything from business and marketing to blockchain technology and much more. In addition to more than 1,000 existing courses, there will be over 50 new courses added every month, with each one offering certificates of completion that will turbocharge your resume

Of course, since you’ll be spending so much extra time online while accessing those courses, you will have an extremely powerful VPN service to protect your confidential data, and a VPN Unlimited Lifetime Subscription is up to the task. You’ll get lightning-fast connections to more than 400 servers in over 80 locations with no speed or bandwidth limits. So you can watch all of your favorite content no matter where you are or with no buffering or geographic restrictions. Your security and privacy will be assured, as well, with military-grade encryption, absolutely no logging, a kill switch, and much more.

Then you can thoroughly enjoy a year of free games, multiplayer gaming, exclusive discounts, and more with a PlayStation Plus 12-Month Subscription. Not only will you get unlimited access to PS classics like Star Wars: Battlefront, but you can connect with an enormous community of online gamers. It’s no wonder this membership is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Also, if you love gaming, you might like to create games.

Don’t pass up this chance to have a year of fun, as well as a lifetime of learning and powerful protection online, get The PlayStation Plus, VPN Unlimited, StackSkills Super Bundle while it is available for only $79.00.

The PlayStation Plus, VPN Unlimited, StackSkills Super Bundle

$79 at ZDNet Academy

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