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on December 18, 2021

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We’ve learned two things while working remotely and attending virtual school from home: many of us have WiFi networks that leave much to be desired, and keeping children safe online is challenging. The Gryphon AX WiFi Router provides an effective two-for-one solution.

The Gryphon AX uses the latest mesh technology to blanket your entire home, providing high-speed WiFi to every device within it. Two or more routers can be combined to provide seamless coverage without any dead spots. And while it’s doing that, it’s also keeping your entire family safe, particularly your kids.

You will get advanced internet protection that includes daily security updates, malware filtering, and device scans for any IoT vulnerabilities. A parental control system allows you to block inappropriate websites, set a bedtime for as many devices as you need to, and limit screen time for your children. The system comes with a companion app as well, so you can monitor the network and parental controls from your phone.

Featured on Bloomberg, Tom’s Guide, The Wall Street Journal, and more, the Gryphon AX also has a very satisfactory average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

You don’t want to pass up this opportunity to add wall-to-wall, ultra-fast internet to your home that will also keep your children safe. Buy the Gryphon AX WiFi Router today at a 12% discount off the $279 MSRP, and you’ll pay only $245 for it.

Gryphon AX WiFi Router

$245 at ZDNet Academy

Now that you have a fast, safe internet connection, you may want to think about adding a bit of flair to your video interactions when working from home.

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